Quality manufacturing. Intelligent design.

  • All parts are American made and carry a one year warranty.
  • Power is supplied by two (2) non-spillable 12-volt, gel-filled batteries, which emit no fumes. These batteries have “no charge memory” – and do not have to be fully drained before charging.
  • Locking castors allow for easy maneuverability and are positioned to balance and support the weight of the occupant. The unit can easily be rolled from room to room.
  • The drainpan, headrest, and sturdy backrest are all adjustable up and down as well as forward and backward.
  • No installation, remodeling or assembly is required.
  • The Wheelchair Recline is rated to lift and recline 400 pounds.
  • The standard platform will fit wheelchairs up to 31 inches wide.
  • The dimensions of the platform are 31 1/2" wide by 36" long. The dimensions of the unit, when the platform is resting on the floor, are 31 1/2 by 5' long.