The Wheelchair Recline offers solutions to common problems for beauty shops, salons, and spas. 

Common problems:

  • Does your resident's clothing get wet while getting a shampoo?
  • Is the resident's head and neck forced backward, straining and hurting the resident, in order to lean the resident's head over the sink?
  • Does the service provider need someone to help lift and transfer the resident form their wheelchair in to the salon chair?
  • Does water spill onto the floor creating a slippery and dangerous working condition?
  • Is extra staff required to tilt and hold the wheelchair while shampooing hair or performing other salon/spa services?


  • The Wheelchair Recline unit can be reclined at the sink with the drainpan or reclined into the recess of a sink without the drainpan.¬†
  • The Wheelchair Recline platform elevates 5 inches allowing versatility to accommodate¬†different sink heights.